Brighton engagement shoot couple at the Rockery Preston Park

Engagement Shoot at The Rockery - Debbie & Gav

Engagement Shoot at The Rockery – Debbie & Gav

The Rockery engagement shoot. Debbie & Gav’s engagement shoot at The Rockery, Brighton, Sussex.

As with a lot of people (myself included), Debbie and Gav were a bit nervous about being photographed professionally for the first time. This is completely normal as most of us aren’t used to doing this kind of thing. But don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you might think and can be a lot of fun too. Just think about it as a chance to hang out with each other away from the stresses of everyday life. It’s also a really great time to get to know your photographer and will help you to feel more relaxed on your wedding day too.

Debbie & Gav travelled down to have a Brighton engagement shoot, a nice change of scenery and a good excuse to have a day out in Brighton. For their engagement shoot, we headed to the stunning Rockery (Rock Gardens); a bit of a hidden gem in Brighton and definitely somewhere I recommend checking out if you haven’t been there.

Engagement Shoot at The Rockery, Brighton

If you’re thinking about having an engagement shoot in Brighton why not check out my top Brighton engagement shoot locations. Likewise, if you’d like to have an engagement shoot elsewhere or think I’d be a good fit for your wedding photography I’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch here via the link below

bride & groom walking Brookfield Barn

Brookfield Barn Wedding Photography - Claire & Alex


Brookfield Barn wedding photography. Claire & Alex’s wedding at Brookfield Barn, Sussex.

“The pictures look absolutely incredible! With some of the shots, we can’t believe you actually managed to capture those very specific moments! Thank you again for doing such an incredible job.”

I first met Claire & Alex on their pre-wedding shoot in Stanmer Park, Brighton. They wanted to have a pre-wedding to shoot to help them feel more relaxed about being in front of the camera before the big day. Something that they found really helped and I definitely recommend. We had such a nice time together and it was awesome to be able to hang out, make some cool photos and get to know each other a bit more too.

Two months on and the big day that they have been waiting for is here. Claire decided to get ready at Brookfield Barn with her mum and the bridesmaids whilst Alex got ready at home with the guys.

Unfortunately for them, the weather didn’t want to play ball so their initial plan for an outdoor ceremony couldn’t happen but that didn’t matter because the oak frame barn is beautiful and was a great alternative. The rain did stop after the ceremony though which was great as everyone could have a few drinks outside and enjoy the gardens before they sat down for the wedding breakfast.

Following the wedding breakfast, we had the traditional cutting of the cake, however, this was a bit different as Claire and Alex had actually baked the cake themselves. How cool is that! It was definitely a first for me, but it was a really lovely touch and they knocked it out of the park, the cake was stunning!

Truly Medley Deeply then kicked off the music for the first dance. Claire used to be a dancer so I’m sure that Alex was feeling the pressure but those extra practice sessions leading up to the wedding must have really helped and Alex didn’t miss a step.


I had such a great time being Claire & Alex’s Brookfield Barn wedding photographer. Whether you’re planning a wedding here or elsewhere I’d love to hear about your plans. If you think that I could be a good fit or would like more info you can get in touch here via the link below. 



We all know that planning a wedding can be a bit of a minefield so here are my top wedding photography planning tips for getting the best wedding photos of your special day.

Book A Professional

This might sound obvious, but it is incredibly important to book a professional photographer. Whilst an amateur can get some good shots when everything is going perfectly to plan, a professional will get great shots even when things aren’t, such as when the weather wasn’t what you expected.

We all know that the cameras have come down a lot in price and therefore we all have an uncle Bob who’s got a digital camera or a friend who takes photos and offers to do your wedding photos for free for example. This can be very tempting as the costs of weddings do add up these days. But remember that you’re only going to have your wedding day once so hire a professional to help you preserve this incredible time in your life as your own memory fades.

Communication Is Key

This applies in the planning stage and on the day itself. Good communication between yourself and the photographer is essential to ensure that you’re on the same page and that they know the things that are important to you. Discussing these things in person or over Skype will really help you to get the best from your wedding day photography.

Trust Your Photographer

A wedding photographer’s job is to capture the day that will hopefully reflect your relationship up until that point and your future marriage that lies ahead of you. Because of this, they’ll need access, not just to your physical space but also to your emotional space. A space that you might not have ever allowed a third-party to see, let alone document. Because of this, you’ll need to trust them, trust that they know what they’re doing but most importantly trust that they’re going to respect your intimate moments. 

Planning For The Best Light

Light is key to making great photos. It’s worth considering what lights is available for different parts of the day. For example, if you have a choice of rooms for where you’re going to be getting ready then choose a room that has big windows and a lot of natural light. Whilst a good photographer will be able to create beautiful, flattering artificial light too, you can’t beat natural window light. The same goes for the other key parts of the day such as the ceremony location.

You might really want to get some epic sunset portraits. If so it’s also worth considering the time of year and when the sun is going to set. Keep this in mind when you’re working out the timings of the day with your wedding coordinator so that you’re not disappointed.

Don’t Have Every Minute Planned Out

You might have an exact idea of how the day will go in your head but in my experience, it’s best to have a slightly loose timetable for certain parts of the day that allows for improvisation and coordination. For a photographer that might mean that they spend a bit more time than planned in a field with the kids and come back with a gem like this.

Forget That Your Photographer Is There

This might sound a bit strange but real emotion and moments are best captured when people are unaware. A good photographer will be able to blend into the background in order to do this but having it in the back of your mind to forget that they’re there and not turn around to smile at the camera if you do notice them will really help them to capture those beautiful candid moments shared between you and your friends and family.

Group Photos

Obviously, on your day, you’ll want some big group shots of everyone dressed in their best. These are simple but important photos that are at every wedding for a reason. Talk with your photographer ahead of time about what is a good number of shots to take and arrange who will be in them so it moves smoothly and quickly, leaving you with more time to enjoy with your guests. I normally suggest around 8 to 10 group photos.

Build a Relationship With Your Photographer

You’ll probably see your photographer more than most of your guests on the big day so it’s important that you get on and understand each other. Building bridges with your photographer will make the day flow better, the pictures come out better and will help you enjoy the shoots more. 

Shout out to the guest who got this shot of me with Katriana & Steve at their wedding.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself

Photography is about capturing a distinct moment in time, the speed of motion in the human face and body can produce 100 different photos in a single moment. Not all of them will be good, not all of them will be flattering but some of them will be exceptional, otherwise missed gems of expression or emotion. Don’t be afraid to just be yourself.

Most Importantly – Relax And Enjoy Your Day

Make sure that you relax and enjoy it. I know that this is an obvious thing to say but we all know that sometimes things don’t go to plan. If this happens it’s super important to not let it get to you and just take it in your stride. These things will all just add to the stories and memories that you’ll make on the day.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that it will assist you in your wedding photography plans. 

If you like what you’ve seen here and think that I could be a good fit for your wedding photography I’d love to hear about your awesome wedding plans. 

The Beacon, Tunbridge Wells wedding bride and groom walking



Vicki & Adam

Vicki & Adam’s, The Beacon Tunbridge Wells wedding had the perfect balance of the traditional mixed with the less traditional and a twist of boho, rustic charm.

“These are amazing!! Matt, thank you so much. You’ve captured the day beautifully. You really have done such an awesome job.”

For Vicki & Adam’s, The Beacon, Tunbridge Wells wedding they managed to combine the traditional with the less traditional perfectly.

Their ceremony was in a beautiful church near Tunbridge Wells and was the church that Vicki’s family had been going to for years. This is where the more traditional part of the day ended as they left in style in a beautiful classic Austin Healy sports car, driving themselves to the wedding reception that they had crafted to be uniquely theirs at The Beacon, Tunbridge Wells.

As the reception started MK & the Misters set the tone of what was to come later in the night by entertaining the guests with acoustic music and guiding them down to the cocktail hour in the gardens of the Beacon.

Following the cocktail hour, the guests moved down to the Grand Pavilion marquee to await Vicki & Adam’s arrival. The marquee was absolutely stunning and the subtle, well thought out touches and decorations that Vicki and Adam chose only elevated the already beautiful space.

The lovely unique touches kept coming as they surprised their guest with a second cocktail hour and “his” and “hers” cocktails to choose from; a really great way to keep the momentum going between the meal and the first dance.

I had the feeling that the day was building up to a big party and I wasn’t wrong. They really knew how to celebrate in style and MK & the Misters kept the dance floor full dance floor the whole night. It was an absolute blast and a wedding that I will always remember.


I had an incredible time being Vicki & Adam’s wedding photographer at The Beacon, Tunbridge Wells. Whether you’re planning a wedding here or elsewhere I’d love to hear about your plans. If you think that I could be a good fit or would like more info you can get in touch here via the link below. 

Brookfield Barn wedding first dance



Brookfield Barn wedding photographer. Lizzie & Mike’s Brookfield Barn wedding, Sussex.

“We loved all the photos! You captured so much love and laughter and loads of moments we wouldn’t have got to see otherwise.”

I always love working at Brookfield Barn so it was great to be back there again to be Lizzie & Mike’s Brookfield Barn wedding photographer.

In the morning I joined Mike and the guys at a hotel nearby before heading up to Brookfield Barn to meet up with Lizzie and the girls. Once Lizzie was ready we headed downstairs as they had chosen to see each other before the ceremony. Lizzie looked stunning and Mike’s face seeing her in her dress for the first time said it all.

Luckily the weather was on our side and it was a nice hot summers day. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony overlooking the pond where Lizzie’s mum had done all of the decorations and flower arrangements herself, a really lovely and individual touch.

Whilst Mike and their guests awaited Lizzie’s arrival a good friend of theirs entertained everyone with acoustic covers. I always love when you’re able to personalise parts of the day like this to make your wedding uniquely yours.

Lizzie and Mike decided to opt for a slightly less traditional first dance and rather than waiting to have it in the evening decided to have a much more intimate dance during the cocktail hour with just their closest family there to witness it. Once again, their good friend played guitar and sang their favourite song as they danced on the bridge. It was a lovely moment and so moving; I don’t think that there was a dry eye in the house.

The wedding breakfast was held in the beautiful oak-framed barn and Mike’s best men proceeded to give him a good ribbing. Though I’m sure he expected nothing less from them. Having been good friends since they were kids they had stored up plenty of material.

As the sun went down and the music started the celebrations really got underway.


I had an incredible time being Lizzie & Mike’s Brookfield Barn wedding photographer. Whether you’re planning a wedding here or elsewhere I’d love to hear about your plans. If you think that I could be a good fit or would like more info you can get in touch here via the link below.