Mill’s & Nick’s White Dog Inn wedding was both traditional and quirky. They really got it right and it made for a really fun and different wedding.

They started the day off with a traditional wedding ceremony at the beautiful, St James the Great church in Ewhurst. To add a few personal touches, Mills’ Uncle (who is a Vicar) married them. I thought that was such a beautiful touch and really made it that much more personal. He had a great sense of humour, which he used brilliantly in his sermon. Part of it even had him crack open a bottle of wine and perform a magic trick. For this, he kept poring the same amount of wine into increasing smaller glasses until he got to the last one and downed the rest. It was very amusing and definitely a first for me.
The ceremony also had Mills & Nick’s dog as the ring bearer, who came rushing down the isle right on cue. Absolutely brilliant!

The surprises didn’t stop there. After the ceremony as the guests exited the church, they were greeted by none other than two Lamas. Yes you heard me right. They escorted Mills & Nick from the church to their White Dog Inn wedding reception, a short distance from the church. They even hung around for a bit of the cocktail hour.

The reception at The White Dog Inn was a very laid back, relaxed affair. Rather than a proper sit down meal they had set up hay bales and various other seating. There was a real festival atmosphere, which was awesome.

It was a very unique wedding (in a good way), which they really put their personal stamp on and made it exactly how they wanted it to be. I’m so glad that I was able to share it with them.

Here is a selection of my favourites from their White Dog Inn wedding. Keep an eye out for the Lamas; they shouldn’t be too hard to miss.